Te whakahaere pai

Strategy & Management

Te Mata Park is private land, gifted in perpetuity to the community in 1927 under a Deed of Trust. The Te Mata Park Trust Board is responsible for the protection and management of the 107.5 hectares of land that constitute the Park. In addition to the Deed of Trust, the Park is also protected as a designated Landscape of National Significance in the Hastings District Plan, and by a QEII National Trust covenant. 


Ngā Tīpuna: Our Ancestors, Our Maunga, Our Journey

The work of the Trust and Mana Whenua roopu is guided by the strategic document Ngā Tīpuna: Our Ancestors, Our Maunga, Our Journey. Encapsulating a unified vision for the future of Te Mata Park, Ngā Tīpuna sets the direction for the Park Trust by formalising our vision, objectives and principles, ensuring we can move forward with collective purpose.

Cognisant of the cultural, physical, and spiritual importance of this special place, Ngā Tīpuna is firmly embedded in the history of Te Mata as we look to enhance and protect Te Mata Park for future generations.  

To request a copy of Ngā Tīpuna, please email us. 


Protect & Enhance

Our Objectives

Te Mata Park is a taonga tuku iho (heavenly gift) and the leadership of Te Mata Park is committed to enhancing and protecting the area for the benefit of all. This work is informed by our guiding principles, and our six objectives, which are: 

  • Mana Whenua Values Woven Throughout – to have a strong relationship with Mana Whenua ensuring their voice is woven in to the management of Te Mata Park 
  • Landscape Integration – to enhance Te Mata Park as an integral part of the Maunga 
  • Effective Visitor Management – to understand the behaviours and preferences of Park users, enabling sustainable and prudent management of the Park 
  • Financial Sustainability – to build significant financial resources to enhance, protect and sustain Te Mata Park 
  • Environmental – to nurture a sustainable environment for the recreational, spiritual, cultural and educational benefit of the public 
  • Ecological Abundance – to promote native revegetation and increased biodiversity across Te Mata Park for ecosystem health, not only in Te Mata Park itself, but across the wider Maunga  


How we are funded

Te Mata Park is funded by local councils, individual donors, and grants.  

We receive approximately $120,000 per year each from Hastings District Council and from the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council which accounts for two thirds of our operating  budget. We make up the remaining third thanks to generous donations from our community and by applying for grants. 

We thank the Hastings District Council and the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for their ongoing support. 

If you would like to make a donation to support Te Mata Park, please go to our donations page and choose from the range of giving options available.