Te whakahaere pai

Park Management

Te Mata Park is private land, gifted in perpetuity to the community in 1927 under a Deed of Trust. The Te Mata Park Trust Board is responsible for the protection and management of the 107.5 hectares of land that constitute the Park. The honorary Trustees are supported by a few contractors, including Park Manager Emma Buttle. Additional volunteers from the local community assist with ongoing management of the Park and related community activities. In addition to the Deed of Trust, the Park is also protected as a designated Landscape of National Significance in the Hastings District Plan, and by a QE2 covenant.


Responsibilities of the Trust

  • Retain the special character of the Park and protect it for future generations.
  • Balance preservation, conservation and sustainability with the interests of Park users and visitors.
  • Offer all Park users the opportunity to explore and experience the Park.
  • Promote the cultural, historical and environmental significance of the Park.

2015 – 2025

Park Management Plan

The Te Mata Park Trust Board has a Management Plan which sets out the operational and development priorities for Te Mata Park over the span of 10 years. The Management Plan is currently under review and will be shared in 2022.

Te Mata Park Management Plan 10 May 2016

Te Mata_Park_Vegetation_&_Track_Plans October 2020

The Trust is very grateful for the support provided by local authorities as they developed the Management Plan, particularly for the expertise and resources provided by the Park’s Management team at Hastings District Council.